New York style thin crust, hand tossed. Our dough is made from scratch daily on the premises. We slice our own cheese and toppings, and make our own sausage from fresh ground pork.

 $6.70   $10.10   $12.95   $17.50   $22.00   $32.80 
1 Topping
 $8.50   $12.70  $16.10   $21.50  $27.05   $40.35 
2 Toppings
 $10.30   $15.30   $19.25   $25.50   $32.10   $47.90
3 Toppings
 $12.10   $17.90   $22.40   $29.50   $37.15   $55.45 
4 Toppings
 $13.90  $20.50   $25.55   $33.50   $42.20   $63.00 
Each Item, or X-Crust/X-Cheese
 $1.80   $2.60   $3.15  $4.00   $5.05   $7.55 
Extra Sauce or Lite Item
 $.95   $1.30   $1.60  $2.00   $2.55   $3.80

Delicious Toppings

Meats & Cheeses Vegetables
Anchovy Black Olive
Bacon Broccoli
BBQ Chicken Garlic
Buffalo Chicken Greek Olive (Kalamata)
Canadian Bacon Green Olive
Capicola Green Pepper
Chicken Jalapeno
Feta Cheese Mushroom (Fresh)
Genoa Salami Onion
Ham Pineapple
Hamburg Red Pepper
Meatball (sliced) Sliced Tomato
Pepperoni Spinach
Proscuitto Sun-dried Tomatoes

(What's the difference between hamburg and meatball, you ask? Hamburg is fresh ground chuck from a local butcher shop. Meatball is our homemade meatball recipe, sliced thin. The same meatballs we use for hot sandwiches and spaghetti, they're also great on pizza!)

SAUCE: While we don't have white sauce, we are happy to use other things. Want your buffalo chicken pizza to have ranch dressing instead of red sauce? Just ask!

We are known for our generous portions. We didn't exaggerate this just to put a good picture on our website. This pizza was for a customer!

Serving Suggestions

Size Slices Suggested For
8" 4 1 Person
10" 6 2 People, or 1 Very Hungry Person
12" 8 2 People
14" 10 3 People, Small Family
16" 12 4 People, Large Family
20" 16 5+, It's a Party!

Suggested Combinations

Having trouble deciding? Try these!

House Combos
Four Cheese: Mozzarella, Ricotta, Provolone, Romano (No sauce. This is a thirsty pizza, make sure you have beverages!) Priced as a two-item.

Greek: Tomato Slices, Proscuitto, Red Peppers, Greek Olives, Feta Cheese (no sauce). Priced as a five-item.

Supreme: light portions of pepperoni, green pepper, onion, and sausage. Priced as a two-item. 

Staff Favorites
Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage
Mushroom, Green Pepper, Onion
Extra Crust, Extra Cheese, Bacon, cooked Crispy (no sauce)
Genoa Salami, Garlic, Spinach
Tomato Slices, Feta
Pepperoni (or Bacon), BBQ Chicken                                                                                                    Four Cheese with Genoa

Of course, these are only suggestions. All our toppings are ordered a la carte. Mix and match any way you want -- we're flexible like that!
(Due to our generous portions, we do ask that you limit yourself to seven toppings at most. Trust us, that's more than enough!)

How to Finish a Half-Cook Pizza

Preheat oven to 450-500. Place the pizza on a cookie sheet. Give it 8-10 minutes before checking the first time, then every few minutes. The best way to judge is to watch the crust. Look at the edge and bottom. When it is the color you want, it's ready! 


Both our locations offer Udi's frozen gluten free pizza doughs in the 10" size only. Prices are the same as a regular 10". Pizza Joint is not a gluten free environment, however, so those with extreme allergies may wish to pass. Our pizza dough at both locations uses high gluten flour. Our bread flour also contains gluten. 

Pizza Joint, 448 Forest Ave, Portland ME 04101  207-797-3192.                                                                                               Pizza Joint South Portland, 239 Ocean St, South Portland ME 04106  207-767-3220